Monday, January 16, 2017

Well, I was not able to attend the Transit Maintenance Council meeting in Salem in person, as our weather has been a hindrance to travel the last few weeks. I did call in on the conference line and can report the following summary of agenda topics:

  1. We were all welcomed by Christine West, ODOT Transit Capital Program Director, and introduced ourselves as we joined in on the call (or in person in some cases).
  2. Would like to model this council after the Washington State Maintenance Council, which we learned about at the CTAA conference in Portland in 2016.
  3. We would develop our own procedures and by-laws.
  4. Christine then detailed the intended purpose of the council. It will be a statewide forum for transit providers to network and share information, best practices, headaches and what we can do to support each other and our respective agencies.
  5. Topics for the roundtable discussion were: vehicle maintenance issues, warranty issues, compliance issues such as forms, data tracking and etc., and facility issues.
The next meeting will be planned for sometime in April, 2017 and again most likely in Salem, with an agenda similar to today's meeting format. Christine is hopeful to be able to get some technical training arranged with one of the wheel chair lift manufacturers. DD
The Oregon Dept. of Transportation Public Transit Division (ODOT-PTD) has recently created a state-wide Transit Maintenance Council. The purpose of this council is to provide a forum for transit providers and those responsible for vehicle maintenance to share information and best practices to maintain their fleets in a "state of good repair" as required by the federal Transit Administration (FTA). The first meeting of the council will be on Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 in Salem, OR. and participants will join in either in person or by phone conferencing. Yours truly will attend in person and I will report back via this blog a summary of the meeting. DD